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For discerning customers developing advanced electronics products, LEO's can custom deliver extraordinarily powerful and high cycle solutions. This is especially important for those unique applications that require superior reliability, high cycle life or small form factors that fully leverage the outstanding performance of Lithium chemistry.


With unrivaled energy density, cycle life, and wide operating temperature range, our designs can enable the development of innovative products. just let us know what you need.


We offer our customers a unique opportunity to benefit from the advantages of our 25 years in lithium battery chemistry.  No other company can match our experience. This depth of expertise is critical if you need a partner in the development of a power solution for your cutting-edge products.


We take a hands-on approach with our customers, offering a cradle-to-grave relationship that can extend from customizable cell design to full-scale manufacturing.


Customers can also leverage our proprietary chemistry and charger systems unique to LEO.


Unique custom made batteries for:


  •  Extreme cycle life  - up to 25k

  •  Extreme energy  - 250Wh/kg

  •  Extreme temperature ranges  (-20 to 75degC)

  •  Extreme power  up to 60C discharge

  •  Battery Cell CB and ETL

  •  Battery Cycle life verfication



Development support for your custom battery:


  • Quality compliance with AQL standard

  • In process flow mapping

  • Cell and pack Certifications

  • In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

  • Temperature Testing

  • Battery UN38.3

  • Battery Cell CB and ETL

  • Battery Cycle life verfication

  • Product Performance Testing

  • Safety Testing

  • Factory Inspections and Pre-Shipment AQL audits

  • UL 1642-2005  IEC 61960 

  • GB/T 2502-2000   SN/T 1414.3-2004

  • Patent Applications


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